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Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill Submission

QAI made a submission to the Queensland Government on the Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2019. Here is an excerpt from the submission of our key recommendations: Key recommendations  Detention of children awaiting trial must be done in a way that is consistent with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child,1 […]

Police Shoot, Kill 5: Coroner’s Recommendations Implemented

The Queensland Police Service has responded to the Coroner’s recommendations from the inquiry into the deaths of – Anthony William Young Shaun Basil Kumeroa Edward Wayne Logan Laval Donovan Zimmer Troy Martin Foster The Coroner adopted all three of QAI’s recommendations in our submissions, namely, for: The revitalisation of the Mental Health Intervention Project and […]

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About the Police, the Court and Lawyers – What to do and what not to do

The Justice Support Program (JSP) assists and advocates for people with intellectual disability who have been charged with an offence.  We have produced a book “About the Police, the Court and Lawyers – What to do and what not to do” The book uses plain English and simple illustrations to guide Dan (who has an intellectual […]

Shooting deaths: Let’s make policing safer for the general public, and for police

QAI media release on the shooting deaths by Queensland police Coronial Zimmer Oct 2016

Disabled Justice: The Barriers to Justice for Persons with Disability in Queensland

QAI’s report on the barriers that people with disability face in accessing justice in Queensland: 1493089476-The barriers to justice for persons with disability in Queensland