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Blue skies scenario:-an alternative future for people with disabilities and their families:

The starting place for the blue skies vision was the belief that real social change comes through harnessing the collective wisdom and action of people, and that conversations that matter are useful way (but not the only way) of achieving that goal.  The blue skies work started with an assumption that our old ways of working have not been getting us the changes we have been seeking and that we were willing to explore some new ways of working and new forms of leadership.

The vision is underpinned by implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, needs-based universal entitlement to support; a strengths-based approach to support; early intervention and person-centred service responses; capacity-building focusing on community; and urban planning based on universal design principles. Ultimately, through the combined efforts of all stakeholders, a truly inclusive society is achieved. 
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Wasted Lives Campaign:

Recently it came to QAI’s attention that Queensland Health had developed and commenced implementing a draft closure plan for Browne House and had extended this to Morris Mouatt Unit at Baillie Henderson Hospital (BHH), Toowomba.

To date people with a disability residing at BHH have been subject to the indignity of institutional living for too long. They are the some of the forgotten people whose lives are played out through the legacy of antiquated institutional buildings and practices.

This is of great concern as the potential for these people to move to community living will be lost. This is highly inappropriate and returns to the policies predating the 1960s.

We ask you to take the time to read QAI’s issues papers and seek your support to place a moratorium on the planned move so that a personalised planning process for each person can be developed and implemented for the people involved.

Please download and read the follwoing documents –

Wasted Lives – Issues Paper 1 (pdf) July 2010

Wasted Lives – Issues Paper 2 (pdf) August 2010

Wasted Lives – Issues Paper 3 (pdf) September 2010

Wasted Lives – Issues Paper 4 (pdf) September 2010

Wasted Lives – Issues Paper 5 (pdf) November 2010     (Final Issues Paper)

Please also download and complete a Wasted Lives Supporter Form and show your support –

Wasted Lives Supporter Form.doc

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