Employment and income

The right to work is a fundamental human right and is protected in a number of different international treaties and conventions, as well as in the laws of both the Commonwealth and the State of Queensland. 

A number of recent inquiries have considered the experience for people with disability in the workforce and the barriers to working they face. QAI has made submissions and appeared at relevant public hearings to many of these inquiries. In December 2015 made a submission to the recent Willing to Work Inquiry conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission, in addition to a joint submission with Australian Lawyers for Human Rights to this same inquiry. We submitted a number of proposals for the Reforming Employment Services initiative of Civil Society Australia. We made a submission to the Senate Education and Employment Standing Committee on the feasibility of, and options for, creating a national long service standard, and the portability of long service and other entitlements. We have also made submissions on welfare reform which address employment issues. We have also been actively involved in campaigning for law and policy reform around the use of the Business Services Wage Assessment Tool (BSWAT) and the existence of Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs, or ‘sheltered workshops’).  In 2015 we made a submission and appeared at the forum for the National Disability Employment Services Review and in 2016 we made a submission to the National Disability Employment Framework Review.  In 2018 we made a submission and appeared at the Public Hearing for the Inquiry into Wage Theft in Queensland and also submitted a response to the Discussion Paper on Improving the Employment Participation of People with Disability in Australia.  We were involved, with Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, in making a submission on the Modern Slavery Act Inquiry.

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