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seated woman speaking at UN

QAI speaks at the 12th Session of the Conference of State Parties to the UN CRPD (updated)

See Emma Phillips, QAI senior lawyer and systems advocate, speak at the 12th Session of the Conference of State Parties to the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disability. First presentation  – at the Civil Society Forum about the rights of children with disability UN Web TV @26.00min (3 min) Second presentation – […]

Presentations at the ANZAPPL Congress 2018

QAI mental health lawyers Jo Sampford and Niamh Fields presented at the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatrist, Psychology and Law (ANZAPPL) Congress 2018. Find their presentations below: “Is this to be their fate for the indefinite future?” Judicial  interest in systemic issues in Queensland”, Niamh Fields “Lost and found in translation: Cross-disciplinary conversations […]

The Human Rights Perspective: Why all people should enjoy an ordinary and inclusive life

Powerpoint presentation by Michelle O’Flynn and Emma Phillips at the Rights Denied Forum, exploring the need for amendment to s 216 of the Criminal Code (Qld) RightsDeniedPPT

Identification of people with intellectual disability in the criminal justice system

Powerpoint slides from presentation by Nick Collyer at the ACSO Conference, October 2015, Melbourne Identification ppt

Human Rights and Human Wrongs: A Human Rights Analysis of Queensland Restrictive Practices Legislation

Paper by Phillip French: 1493101304-2._Phillip_French_-_Human_Rights_and_Human_Wrongs