Nundah Scams Awareness Group offering presentations

Nundah Scams Awareness Group (NSAG) is a community action group of people with disability who have come together to support the community on how to stay safe from scams.


NSAG was awarded a grant through the NDIS to hold community education sessions to inform and educate people with disability and the wider community about scams, and some tips on how to stay safe. 

"Nundah Scams Awareness Group: we say no to scams" Logo

They have a few different presentations, their focus topics include:

  • Phishing/digital information scams
  • Romance scams
  • ‘Mate crimes’ (face-to-face scams from false friends)
  • Scamming behaviour from both real and fake businesses


They make these engaging and fun, and are able to adapt them to fit into a shorter or longer presentation time, for example ranging from 30 minutes to 2-hour workshops. They can also present online over Zoom or a similar technology if desired. They also have the capacity to travel across the Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast regions. 


If you think a group you are involved in would be interested in a presentation from the Nundah Scams Awareness Group, you can get more information by contacting them at: 


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