2020 Review of the Disability Standards for Education – QAI Submission

QAI provided a submission to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s 2020 Review of the Disability Standards for Education.


Drawing upon our extensive experience of working with families who have children with disability in the education setting, we highlighted a lack of awareness of the Standards and inconsistent adherence among education providers as key issues.

We drew attention to the enrolment gatekeeping practices that continue to deny children with disability their right to an inclusive education and raised concern about the lack of accountability regarding the decision-making of principals in response to requests for reasonable adjustments.

Further to this, we raised the difficulties within the current complaint processes and highlighted how a student’s ability to access education on the same basis as students without disability is highly dependent upon the culture of the school as opposed to best practice.

We urged the government to amend the wording of the Standards to impose clearer legislative requirements on education providers, increase awareness of the Standards, ensure greater accountability of decision-making  and implement measures to improve the culture of schools to ensure they welcome and encourage the participation and learning of students with disability.