Submission on the Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on People with Disability in QLD

QAI made a submission to the Senate Select Committee on the impact restrictions put in place to minimise the spread of COVID-19 have had and continue to have on people with disability in Queensland. 


You can read the full submission that details QAI’s significant concerns here.


Below is a short excerpt from the submission:



The federal and state governments have implemented never seen before measures to slow the spread of COVID19 (Coronavirus) through the community. These restrictions, whilst necessary, have significant impact on people with disability and cause further disruption and disadvantage to our lives.


QAI and other disability advocacy organisations believe that people with disability have not been properly considered by government decision makers during this process and that more immediate consultation needs to be held with our community so that appropriate support measures can be put in place before further trauma is caused. Systems and processes also need to be clarified so that people with disability also can feedback their experiences during this time.