Group Homes – Submission to the DRC

QAI made a submission to the Disability Royal Commission on Group Homes and our concerns for the vulnerable people who live in them.  


Below is a short excerpt fromt he submissions introduction followed by links to the full submission and all its attachments.



This submission focuses on the experiences of vulnerable people with disability who do not have the opportunity or voice to express their own wants and wishes directly. Many of the people are often forgotten in places that do not feel like a home, are unsuitable for them and give rise to a series of physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuses that infringe or remove basic human rights. The passage of the Human Rights Act 2019 (Qld), which commenced operated from 1 January 2020, provides, for the first time in Queensland,


You can read the full submission here.


List of attachments submitted:

Attachment A QAI Position Paper A Home of One’s Own

Attachment B QAI Report Legislation and Life

Attachment C OPA Upholding the right to life and health A review of the deaths in care

Attachment D CCQ Deaths in care – Final Expert Report

Attachment E QAI Submission to DSS Thin Markets Project

Attachment F QAI Submission to JSC Inquiry NDIS Workforce

Attachment G QAI Submission to JSC Inquiry SIL

Attachment H Submission to DRC Issues Emergency Planning and Response submission