Public Announcement

From the Director of QAI


While our communities and in particular people with disability struggle with the Covid19 world, I want to give you all a little insight into the people who work at QAI. It is time to pay homage to a group of truly magnificent people who haven’t wavered in their commitment to the people we serve and support or to this organisation.


Working remotely can have its advantages, but our team is dynamic and benefits greatly from their collaborations and brainstorming and just being around each other – great hearts and minds in synchronicity.


I am extremely proud of all our team and very grateful to work with such wonderful people. Managing to keep our clients comfort and wellbeing uppermost while also for some, homeschooling and supporting each other is no easy juggle.


Then the challenges of migration to a totally new IT system – we must also commend #TeamLogix for their great care and attention in assisting us with this – we have grown so much in three years and moving all our data was a mammoth job.


I know how difficult and hectic it has been, yet the staff at QAI have taken such trials without complaint, with dedication to overcoming problems, and most of all – with commitment to our clients and to QAI.


Our newer staff members who just joined the ranks prior to this Virus World, were flung to the outer regions just as they were trying to get acquainted with their co-workers and their roles – it cannot have been easy and to carry on and work remotely can be extremely isolating. They have all been resilient and displayed the strength our clients need.


To all the staff at QAI – you have my utmost admiration and respect for the complete professionalism and stoic resolve that you have all shown in the face of adversity, the care and commitment demonstrated every day. Thank you for all that you are and for all that you do.


Michelle O’Flynn