QAI Commits to Continuing Advocacy Services Throughout COVID-19 Pandemic

QAI Management and Staff are, like everyone, trying to do our best to understand and respond to the best of our abilities to the unique risks presented by COVID-19.


We are a creative and dynamic organisation and prioritise our commitment to support, defend, protect and promote the needs, rights and lives of the people we serve.


The QAI Response Team are Michelle O’Flynn (Director), Emma Phillips (Deputy Director & Principal Solicitor) and Carly Dennis (Principal Solicitor).


While many of our staff have moved to working from home and we are working hard to ensure that our technology and structure will support new ways of working, we will continue to provide our service.


Our creative staff already have experience working via email, phone and video link to outreach people and this will continue. Face-to-face service delivery is suspended at present, although we will find ways and means to ensure that critical moments are dealt with appropriately. We remain open for business and are available via our usual telephone, email, website and social media contacts.


We care about you and will check in with you about any advocacy actions undertaken and work with you just as we always do. As a caring organisation we are also doing all we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our own staff.


Just as every person is learning to improve on everyday things like hygiene and cleaning, we too will find new and innovative ways to ensure that we meet the needs of clients, stakeholders and allies.


However, as we build a new approach to advocacy support, there may be delays in response, or different ways of responding. Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter as these may be the best means of communicating should there be any technical glitches.


We will also need to hear from you if you are required to self-isolate. We welcome information from you in whichever form you can communicate with us.


On behalf of QAI’s Management Committee and staff, I wish you all the best during this challenging time. I firmly believe that we will all emerge from these difficult times with new ways to support and advocate and will continue to deliver excellent outcomes for clients, allies and the disability sector. We will update you if the advice from government causes us to make any further changes to our service delivery. We urge you to keep safe and follow the advice from the Queensland and Australian Governments.


Michelle O’Flynn, Director