Media release – Violence against people with disabilities in their home forum

Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner headlines QAI’s Violence against people with disabilities in their home Forum

Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI) is thrilled to announce that Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Mr Alastair McEwin, will be the keynote speaker at our Violence against people with disabilities in their home forum on Monday 24th September 2018.

Fresh from the release of his report into institutional violence “A Future without Violence: Quality, safeguarding and oversight to prevent and address violence against people with disability in institutional settings”, Mr McEwin will be addressing the forum about this significant social policy issue. “QAI is thrilled to welcome Mr McEwin to Brisbane for this occasion,” QAI Director Michelle O’Flynn said today. “We are so appreciative of the important work the Commissioner does to protect and defend the human rights of people with disability in Australia and we are honoured to have him present the keynote address at our forum.”

This innovative forum will be held at Brisbane City Hall and will include guest speakers, live performances and personal stories from people with lived experience. “We are very excited to present this forum and launch these important resources”, Ms O’Flynn said. “Live theatre and art are such powerful and accessible mediums and we feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with such talented artists and performers with disability within our local community.”

Mr McEwin’s keynote address will be followed by a wonderful and diverse line-up of speakers, including individuals with lived experience sharing personal stories, former Australian Senator and social campaigner Andrew Bartlett, Caxton Legal Centre’s Ros Williams, Leona Berrie from WWild – Sexual Violence Prevention Service and Dr Natasha Alexander, clinical psychologist in community disability and mental health services from Consentability. A highlight will be the live theatrical performances, interspersed throughout the day, by the talented students of the Access and Equity Program of TAFE Queensland.

We hope and anticipate that the forum and ongoing project will increase general understanding and awareness of violence against people with disability, including the impact it has on a person, the potential perpetrators of violence and the diverse settings and ways in which it can occur. As part of the forum, QAI will also be launching a series of multi-media resources developed in collaboration with artists and actors with disabilities to raise awareness of the types of violence faced by people with disabilities within residential settings.

QAI is an independent, community-based system and individual advocacy organisation for people with disability in Queensland with over 30 years’ experience advocating for systems change, through campaigns directed at attitudinal, law and policy reform.


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