My Health Record Privacy Control Tips

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My Health Record Privacy Control Tips

This factsheet has been prepared by Queensland Advocacy Incorporated (QAI), an independent, community-based systems and legal advocacy organisation for people with disability in Queensland (

This publication is for general information only. It must not be relied on as legal advice. You must seek legal advice about your own particular circumstances.

Last updated: 06/08/18

Adjust control settings:

  • Let people you trust help manage and view your health information.
  • Apply restrictions to information that healthcare providers can see.
  • Restrict access to certain documents in your record.
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Security codes:

  • Record Access Code (RAC):
    • Control which healthcare providers can see your record by setting a RAC and giving it to your chosen providers.
    • How: myGov → My Health Record → Privacy & Access → Access by Healthcare Providers → Manage Access.
  • Limited Document Access Code (LDAC):
    • Control healthcare providers’ access to specific documents by setting a LDAC for individual documents or types of documents.
    • How: myGov My Health Record → Privacy & Access → Document Access Settings → Manage Access → Set limited document access code.
  • Personal Access Code (PAC):
    • Allow individuals you trust to access your My Health Record.
    • How: myGov → My Health Record → Privacy & Access → Access by Individuals → Manage Access.

Sharing data:

  • My Health Record de-identified data may be used to provide insight into Australia’s health system and the services improving health outcomes for patients.
  • If you do not want your health information shared, you can change your settings.
  • How: myGov Profile & Settings.
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If you would like more information please contact QAI on 3844 4200.