About the Police, the Court and Lawyers – What to do and what not to do

The Justice Support Program (JSP) assists and advocates for people with intellectual disability who have been charged with an offence.  We have produced a book About the Police, the Court and Lawyers – What to do and what not to do

The book uses plain English and simple illustrations to guide Dan (who has an intellectual disability) and Hannah (who Dan needs to help him make decisions about everyday things) through the criminal justice process in Queensland.  The book is funded by the Legal Aid Queensland Community Legal Education Collaboration Fund and produced by JSP in collaboration with the Endeavour Foundation.

We consulted widely with individuals (including JSP clients) as well as staff and clientele of the Endeavour Foundation to ensure that the book is as easy to understand and remember as such a difficult subject can be for people who have had little or no experience of the Police and the criminal Court.

Being arrested or questioned by the police or having to go to court is not something you would expect a person like Dan to cope with by himself, so the book is designed to be read by a parent, carer or support worker to the person with intellectual impairment, this way they both learn their roles and “What to do and what not to do.”

If you know of someone like Dan who would be vulnerable in such a situation we encourage you to download or contact QAI to order a free printed copy for ‘Dan’ to keep after it’s been read to him.

We’ve also produced a series of YouTube videos of the book which can be accessed below or through this link:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfSpAAkJaIIJQntMaJ5ciPdgQYPgyBi9n


Video 1: About the police: What to do and what not to do

Video 2: At the watch house, fingerprints, getting legal advice or representation

Video 3: At the Courthouse